Russian International Studies Association

Russian International Studies Association

Sections of the IV RISA Convention

Panel 1. Time and Space of World Religions and Local Cultures
Chairperson: A.V.Shestopal (MGIMO-University)

Panel 2. Local Cultures and the Dialogue of Civilizations
Chairperson: Glagolev V.S. (MGIMO-University)

Panel 3. Spain in World Politics
Chairperson: Khenkin S.M. (MGIMO-University)

Panel 4. Latin America in World Politics
Chairperson: Okuneva L.S. (MGIMO-University)

Panel 5. Actors in the Space and Time of World Politics
Chiarperson: M.M. Lebedeva (MGIMO-University)

Panel 6. Security Issues
Chairperson: A.D. Bogaturov (MGIMO-University)

Panel 7. Communication Management
Chairperson: E.N. Pashentsev (Academy of National Economy under the Government of Russian Federation)

Panel 8. Diplomacy of the 21st Century
Chairperson: T.V. Zonova (MGIMO-University)

Panel 9. New Trends in World Politics and International Relations
Co-chaired by: V.S. Yagya (St. Petersburg State University), V.S. Denisenko (Peoples Friendship University of Russia)

Panel 10. Geochronopolitical Paradigms in International Studies and Political Science
Co-chaired by: I.A. Chikharev (Moscow State University), M.V. Ilyin (Moscow State University)

Panel 11. Problems of Integrating Russia into Regional Subsystems of World Politics (Perspective of Borderland Regions)
Chairperson: A.V. Kortunov (New Eurasia Foundation)

Panel 12. Integration Processes – Past, Present, Future

Chairperson: O.V. Butorina (MGIMO-University)

Panel 13. South Caucuses and the Realities of the Changing World
Chairperson: V.V.Degoev (MGIMO-University)

Panel 14. International Economic Cooperation in the Modern World
Chairperson: N.N. Liventsev (MGIMO-University)

Panel 15. Russia in Global Processes
Chairperson: V.M. Sergeev (MGIMO-University)

Panel 16. Trajectory of Development of Post-Soviet Space
Chairperson: E.M. Kozhokin (Russia’s Institute for Strategic Studies)

Panel 17. Identity and Sovereignty: New Approaches Towards the Concepts
Chairperson: I. M. Busygina (MGIMO-University)

Panel 18. Theoretical Discourse in World Politics and International Relations
Chairperson: T.A. Alekseeva (MGIMO-University)

Panel 19. Politics in the Internet
Chairperson: D.N. Peskov (MGIMO-University)

Panel 20. Problems of Global Governance in Modern World
Chairperson: Barabanov O.N. (MGIMO-University)

Panel 21. International Law
Chairperson: Vylegzhanin A.N. (MGIMO-University)

Panel 22. Regional Aspects of World Politics

Panel 23. Energy Policy in the Modern World
Chairperson: V.I. Salygin (MGIMO-University)

Panel 24. Russian Policy in Asia-Pacific Region
Chiarperson: A.V. Lukin (MGIMO-University)

Panel 25. The Role of Civil Society of Russian Regions in Public Diplomacy and Border Cooperation
Chairperson: V.A. Nikonov (“POLITY” Foundation)

Panel 26. Youth Diplomacy
Chairperson: V.A. Nikonov (“POLITY” Foundation)

Round table 1. Education in World Political Space
Chairperson: M.M. Lebedeva (MGIMO-University)

Round table 2. Spanish Language in Modern Information Society
(Round table of the Spanish language Department, MGIMO-University)
Chairperson: G.S. Romanova (MGIMO-University)

Round table 3. International Relations: Positions of the Roman Catholic Church and the Russian Orthodox Church “Ad Fontes!” Project Presentation