Russian International Studies Association

Russian International Studies Association

VII RISA Convention

VII RISA Convention

«Resources for Modernization: Options and Limits of International Environment»

September 28–29, 2012

Moscow, Russia

The RISA Convention is the largest Russia’s event for scholars and practicioners of international affairs. RISA Convention takes place every two years and offers over various panels and round-tables to more than 500 participants from all over Russia and abroad who come to share their ideas on a variety of subjects.


Section 1 “Political and Legal Aspects of Russia Centered Integration”

Section 2 “Latin America: Modernization Paradigms vs Global Challenges”

Section 3 “U.S.-Russia Relations within Election Cycles”

Section 4 “Internet Technologies and International Studies”

Section 5 “Sociology of Mass Communications”

Section 6 “Creative Diplomacy”

Section 7 “Financial Crisis and Political Economy of International Relations”

Special Session of the Russian Political Science Association (RPSA)

Ambassadors Club Special Session “Conceptualization of the Modern International Relations” (by invitation only)

Section 10 “Crisis in Europe”

Subsection “Spain”

Section 12 “Communication”

Section 13 “Energy: In the Aftermath of the Economic Crisis”

Section 14 “Security: Traditional and New Forms of Military Activity”

Section 15 “Journalism: Intellectual Crisis, Lack of Human Resources?”

Section 16 “Sustainable Development and Ecology”

Section 17 “Foreign Policy Resources of Russia: East-European Direction”

Section 18 “Social, Humanitarian, and Educational Foreign Policy Resources”

Section 19 “Strategies of the Great Powers”

Section 20 “Arab Spring”

Section 21 “Migration: Where From, Why, and How to Regulate?”

Section 22 “Financial Institutions of International Development Assistance”

Section 23 “World Scale Lobbyism and Anti-corruption Efforts”

Round-table discussion 1 “Modernization in the History and Theory of World Politics and World Economics”

Round-table discussion 2 “Russia in Global Institutions”

Round-table discussion 3 “International Law and Modern Theories of International Relations: Whether They Are Compatible?”