Russian International Studies Association

Russian International Studies Association

Sections of the X RISA Convention

If you would like to organize or moderate a section or a conference, please, submit your proposals on the subject and the composition of participants via e-mail: until 30th September 2016.

Important dates of the 10th RISA Convention:
20th November – deadline for the abstracts
28th November – publication of the list of participants and the abstracts at the RISA website
15th January – deadline for manuscripts

All submitted abstracts and manuscripts are assessed in accordance with the peer-review procedure (Reviewing rules).

Blocks of Sections

Conference “ASEAN and Russia in Asia-Pacific region: dynamic of cooperation, regional processes and the global context
(final results of the anniversary year of the ASEAN – Russia dialogue partnership)” (December, 9, 2016)
Contacts: (Please put “RISA – ASEAN-Russia Conference” in the subject of the letter)

Conference “Russia and Poland in new environment: are there opportunities for cooperation?” (December, 9, 2016)

Conference “Israel and Russia: common and specific in viewpoints.
Devoted to the 25th anniversary of Russian-Israeli relations” (December, 8, 2016)

Special session "Russian foreign energy policy and diplomacy"(December 9, 2016)
Contacts:, tel. +7(495)434-92-27

Special session on the results of the XIII Annual Meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club.
Presentation of the report “Global outbreak and global order” (December, 8, 2016)

Block 1. Russia’s foreign policy in modern world

Section №1. Russia among leading world powers of the XXI century. Old and new formats of cooperation
Moderators: A.Voskresenskiy, Т.Shakleina
Contacts: (please copy the letter to, please put “RISA – Section title” in the subject of the letter)

Section №2. Russia’s foreign policy in the modern turbulent world
Moderator: М.Lebedeva

Section №3. Russia’s pivot to Asia and Russian Far East: interim results and prospects
Moderator: V.Panova, A.Lukin (Far Eastern Federal University)
Contacts: (please copy the letter to (Artem Lukin)

Section №4. Russia and the West: 25 years of new dialogue with world leaders
Moderator: V.Pechatnov
Contacts: (Iskander Magadeev)

Section №5. Russia and contemporary integration processes
Moderator: N.Kaveshnikov

Section №6. Russia and Asian countries: urgent issues in bilateral relations
Moderator: D.Streltsov
Contacts: (Anna Kireeva; please put “RISA – Section title” in the subject of the letter)

Section №7. Russia’s foreign policy and diplomacy in the sphere of energy
Moderator: V.Salygin
Contacts:, tel. +7(495)434-92-27

Section №8. "Arab autumn" and Russian-Egyptian relations
Moderator: A.Korotaev (the Institute of African studies of RAS)

Section №9. African dimension of Russia’s foreign policy in new geopolitical environment
Moderator: I.Abramova (Institute of African Studies of RAS)

Round table «Transregionalism in Eurasia»
Moderator: A.Voskresenskiy
Contacts: (please put “RISA – Section title” in the subject of the letter)

Round table «Russia’s foreign policy reflected in the media»
Moderator: Y.Skvortsov
Contacts: (please copy the letter to (Nigyar Masumova))

Block 2. 25 years of Russia’s foreign policy: regional dimension

Section №1. Russia – Ibero-America: experience of cooperation
   Subsection 1. Latin America
   Moderator: L.Okuneva (together with the Institute of Latin America of RAS)
   Subsection 2. Spain
   Moderator: S.Henkin

Section №2. Russia’srelations withunited Germany: from partnership to misunderstanding. What’s next?
Moderator: A.Kuznetsov (Primakov Institute of World Economy and International Relations)

Section №3. The Balkans and Russia’s foreign policy.1991 – 2016
Moderator: A.Skvoznikov; E.Ponomareva
Contacts: (please copy the letter to

Section №4. Russia’s foreign policy priorities in the Middle East. 1991 – 2016
Moderator: V.Morozov

Section №5. Cooperation versus competition in the Baltic region and Russia. 1991 – 2016
Moderator: V.Vorotnikov

Section №6. The Caucasus in the international relations and Russia’s foreign policy. 1991 – 2016
Moderator: M.Volhonsky, V.Muhanov

Block 3. Russian diplomacy and diplomatic service

Section №1. The role of modern diplomacy in settling global and regional problems
Moderator: A.Panov

Section №2. Public diplomacy and political communications in world experience
Moderator: A.Velikaya (The Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund), O.Lebedeva

Section №3. Public diplomacy as a factor of overcoming international blockade of the Crimea
Moderator: G.Muradov, T.Senyushkina (The Crimean Federal Institute)

Section №4. Sports diplomacy: problems and prospects of Russia’s integration in the international sports community
Moderator: E.Ponomareva

Workshop „Soft power” as a factor of international politics: theory and contemporary environment
Moderator: A.Glinchikova

Block 4. Transitology

Section №1. Political and socioeconomic transition in Central and Eastern Europe and Baltic countries
Moderator: А.Malgin
Contacts: (Andjey Gabarta)

Section №2. Independent Ukraine and external world: meanings, interpretations, trends in relations
Moderator: G.Lesnaya ( together with the Russian Association of Ukrainianists)

Block 5. History and theory in international studies

Section №1. The history of international relations in modern Russian academic literature: historiography and methodology
Moderator: A.Revyakin

Section №2. Contemporary problems of the theory of international relations and political science
Moderator: Т.Alekseeva

Section №3. Problems of foreign policy effectiveness: comparative perspective
Moderator: O.Gaman-Golutvina

Section №4. Results and prospects of international studies in resolving problems of environmental management and ecology
Moderator: R.Aliev
Contacts: (please copy the letter to

Section №5. Values, integration and conflict
Moderator:M. Rykhtik

Section №6. Value projects of the future: competing foreign policy discourses and strategies
Moderator: M.Mchedlova (RUDN University, the Institute of Sociology); Caroline Dufy (Sciences Po Bordeaux)

Section №7. Influential actors and challenges to governance in globalized environment
Moderator: Y.Karaulova

Section №8. Long-term forecasting of international processes: experience of the “World in 100 years” project
Moderator: A.Kortunov (Russian International Affairs Council)

Section №9. Political power: Western view, Eastern view
Moderator: A.Vladimirova (together with the Research committee on Political power of the International political science association (IPSA RC36))

Block 6. Defense policy and security issues

Section №1. International conflicts: policy of states and international organizations
Moderator: A.Nikitin (together withRussian Pudwash Committee under the Presidium of RAS) copy the letter to,

Section №2. Combating international terrorism: global and regional aspects
Moderator: A.Kazantsev

Section №3. The system ofgovernance and new challenges to national security: problems of constructing an effective response mechanismon the national level
Moderator: V.Dobrosotskiy, М.Mastushkin

Section №4. Conflicts in the Post-Soviet area
Moderator: T.Makhmutov (Russian International Affairs Council - RIAC)

Block 7. Multilateral institutions and dialogue formats

Section №1. Russia and the changing role of the UN in the modern world
Moderators: A.Borisov (RAS UN), L.Voronkov (MGIMO), A.Kuteinikov (Saint Petersburg University)

Section №2. Club and network diplomacy: global solutions
Moderators: V.Panova (Institute of Oriental Studies – School of regional and international studies, FEFU), G.Toloraya (National Committee on BRICS Studies)

Block 8. World economy and international economic relations

Section №1. Russia in the world economic system
Moderator: I.Platonova,

Section №2. Results, problems and prospects of economic globalization in the world
Moderator: A.Bulatov

Section №3. Russia in the system of promoting international development
Moderators: A.Abramova

Section №4. Corporate social responsibility as an instrument of business “soft power” in the international economic relations
Moderator: E.Zavialova

Section №5. Development strategy for Russia"s economy amid contemporary geopolitical transformations
Moderator: V.Ivanter (the Institute of national economy forecast of RAS)

Section №6. Eurasian Economic Union: prospects of development
Moderator: Y.Lisovolik

Block 9. Social and humanitarian aspects of international relations

Section №1. Cross-cultural communications and Russia’s foreign policy
Moderators: A.Shestopal, M.Silantieva

Section №2. Psychological, educational and linguistic aspects of training of international relations specialists
Moderators: E.Ponomarenko, E.Voevoda, L.Kostikova

Section №3. Professional training in international relations: challenges and prospects
Moderators: I.Mazaeva, K.Chiknaverova

Section №4. Migration processes in Europe: challenges and prospects
Moderator: A.Gromyko (Institute of Europe of RAS together with the Istitute of linguo-civilizational and migration processes under the Russkiy Mir Foundation)
Contacts: (Victoria Ivanova)

Block 10. Comparative legal studies and international law

Section №1. Comparative legal studies
Moderator: G.Tolstopyatenko

Section №2. Competitiveness in the international law
Moderator: A.Vylegzhanin, А.Kapustin

Section №3. Contemporary interaction between international law and Russia’s foreign policy on the issue of migration
Moderator: D.Ivanov

Section №4. Newest tendencies in the development of European law and the law of the Eurasian Economic Union
Moderator: M.Entin

Section №5. Legal discourse in international politics: challenges and solutions
Moderator: R.Engibaryan
Contacts: (J.Karaulova)

Block 11. Mass media and discourse

Section №1. 25 years of Russia’s political linguistics
Moderator: P.Parshin

Section №2. Communicative track in international politics: traditional and new practices and their conceptualization
Moderator: V.Sergeev

Section №3. Problems and prospects of development of modern political discourse in the mass media
Moderators: M.Zheltuhina, N.Ches