Russian International Studies Association

Russian International Studies Association

Special session «Russian foreign energy policy and diplomac»


Programme Committee

Anatoly Torkunov (Chairman) – President, MGIMO University, President of Russian Association of International Researches (RISA), Full Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Valery Salygin (Vice-Chairman) – Director of International Institute of Energy Policy and Diplomacy, MGIMO University, Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Nodari Simonia – professor of MGIMO University, Full Member of the Russian Academy of Sciencesf

Alexandr Dynkin – Director of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO) (Russian Academy of Science), Full Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Darren McCauley – Executive Directorof the Arctic Research Centre, University of St.Andrews (United Kingdom)

Frode Mellemvik – Director at the High North Center for Business and Governance in Bodoe (Norway)

David Paterson – Executive Director of The Marine Alliance for Science and Technology for Scotland (United Kingdom)

Thomas Bruckner – Director of the Institute for Infrastructure and Resources Management, University of Leipzig (Germany)

Bernie McConnell – School of Biology, University of St.Andrews (United Kingdom)

Yelena Kalyuzhnova – Professor, Founder and Director of the Centre for Euro-Asian Studies; Vice Dean, Henley Business School, University of Reading, (United Kingdom)


Bobylev Sergey – Department Chairman of Moscow State University, doctor of economics, professor, Full Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

Doug Benn – Professor, University Centre in Svalbard (Norway)

Nicolas Hanley – Professor of Environmental Economics, University of St. Andrews (United Kingdom)

Maria Belova – Senior Analyst, The Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO


  1. Bobyleva A., Lvova O. The Effect Of Oil Taxation On Investment Activity Of Companies And Economic Growth In Russia
  2. Chernyakhovskaya Y. Sustainable Sale Of International Megaprojects: Nuclear Power Case-Study
  3. Degtyareva O. The Role Of Modern Market Institutions In The Foreign Energy Policy Of Russia
  4. Garanina O. Oil Companies" Strategies In Context Of Energy Transition
  5. Guliyev I. Modern Challenges For Russian Energy Diplomacy
  6. Holmes R., McCauley D. International Shipping In The Arctic: The Key Role Of LNG
  7. Kalyuzhnova Y. Local Content Policies In Resource-Rich Countries
  8. Krivorotov A. Arctic Oil And Gas: Facing New Challenges
  9. Lisin Y., Neganov D., Sergaev A. Hydrocarbons Transportation Safety
  10. Lisin Y., Mahutov N., Neganov D., Varshitskii V. Promising Lines for Studying Strength and Longevity of Hydrocarbons Transportation Pipelines
  11. Mamrova I. Evolution of R&D Funding: International Practice Review
  12. Masumova N., Somuncuoglu A.The Perspectives of The Energy Complex of Azerbaijan
  13. Pavlenko M., McCauley D. Business Perspectives On Energy Security
  14. Ryabova M., McCauley D. Sustainable Development In The Russian Arctic: Legal Perspective
  15. Salygin V. Basic Tasks And Priority Lines Of Russia"s Current Foreign Policy And Diplomatic Activity In The Field Of Energy
  16. Shevchenko L. Significance Of A Contract And Contractual Regulation Within A Market Economy Development
  17. Sochnev O., Sochneva I. Possible Exploration Drilling In The Arctic Seas In Conditions Of Antirussian Sanctions
  18. Zhiznin S. Geopolitical And Economic Aspects Of Energy Diplomacy

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