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Sections of the XI RISA Convention

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Important dates of the 11th RISA Convention:
4 September — deadline for the abstracts and texts of reports and articles 
15 September — publication of the list of participants and reports on the RISA website
24 September — deadline for online registration on the RISA website (obligatory for all participants)
28-29 September — XI RISA Convention

All submitted abstracts and manuscripts are assessed in accordance with the peer-review procedure (Reviewing rules).

Conference «Russia and ASEAN in the Asia-Pacific Region: dynamic of cooperation, regional processes and global context
(devoted to the 50th anniversary of ASEAN)» (September 29)
Contacts: (Ekaterina Koldunova; please put «RISA – Russia and ASEAN in the Asia-Pacific Region: dynamic of cooperation, regional processes and global context» in the subject of the letter)

Special session of the International Discussion club «Valdai»
«Eurasionism of the XXI century: intellectual tradition on the service of modern development» (September 29)
Moderator: Fyodor Lukianov. Contacts:

Block 1. De revolutio et transformatio

Section №1. Great revolutions in the history of international relations. On the occasion of centenary of the February and October revolutions of 1917 in Russia.
Moderator: Alexander Revyakin

Section №2. Revolution and continuity in the international system
Moderator: Tatyana Shakleina

Section №3. The phenomenon of revolution in terms of historical continuum and geopolitical space
Moderator: Elena Ponomareva

Section №4. Intercultural communication: culture and revolution
Moderator: Margarita Silantyeva

Section №5. Modern world in the process of political transformation
Moderator: Marina Lebedeva

Section №6. Latin America: revolutions of the 20th century
Moderator: Liudmila Okuneva (in cooperation with the Institute of Latin American Studies of the RAS)

Section №7. Oriental countries: the century of great transformations
Moderator: Dmitry Streltsov; Victoria Panova (together with the Far Eastern Federal University)

Section №8. The Great October Socialist Revolution and international law: doctrinal assessments
Moderator: Alexander Vylegzhanin

Section №9. The Caucuses in the context of world politics: an insight through the century
Moderator: Vadim Mukhanov

Section №10. Revolution and the problem of political identity of contemporary Russia
Moderator: Alla Glinchikova

Section №11. Diplomatic and temporary capital cities at the times of revolutions and wars
Moderator: Igor Okunev

Section №12. The image of social justice and the revolution: 100 years of world history
Moderator: Marina Mchedlova (RUDN University)

Section №13. Central and Eastern Europe in the 20th century: sociopolitical and economic transformations
Moderators: Svetlana Glinkina, Artem Malgin, Anjey Gabarta

Section №14. Ukraine and the revolutions of early XX and XXI centuries: society, history, culture
Moderator: Galina Lesnaya (together with the Russian Association of Ukrainianists)

Section №15. Language and mass consciousness in the periods of radical sociopolitical transformations: modern interpretations of the problem in the framework of linguistic and interdisciplinary studies
Moderator: Natalia Ches

Section №16. Dialectics of the evolutionary and the revolutionary in the transformation of sociocultural forms: international experience of elaborating of educational politics
Moderator: Elena Voevoda

Section №17. East – West: revolutions and traditions (section of the Institute of Europe of RAS)
Moderators: Roman Lunkin, Ekaterina Timoshenkova

Round table «Revolution and personality»
Moderator: Elena F. Ovcharenko

Block 2. De imperio

Section №1. From empire to integration and the rule of law
Moderator: Mark Entin

Section №2. Post-empires: theoretical perspective
Moderator: Tatyana Alekseeva

Section №3. The European Union as a “soft” empire
Moderator: Nikolay Kaveshnikov

Section №4. China, Germany and Russia: “imperial heritage” in modern external economic expansion
Moderator: Alexey Kuznetsov (Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the RAS)

Section №5. Spain: historical heritage and modern developments
Moderator: Sergey Henkin

Section №6. Baltic Region ab imperio (1917-2017)
Moderator: Vladislav Vorotnikov

Section №7. Political media discourse as a reflection of post-empire transformation
Moderator: Marina Zheltukhina

Section №8. Sanctioned states in the context of global imperialism (working language – Russian and English (preferred))
Moderator: Ksenia Kirkham (King’s College London)

Section №9. “Imperia complex” in the media mindset: pro e contra
Moderators: Yaroslav Skvortsov, Nigyar Masumova
Contacts: (please copy to

Section №10. The Crimea in the system of international relations: the heritage of empires, revolutions and generations
Moderators: Georgy Muradov, Tatiana Senushkina (V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University)

Section №11. Current political problems of post-empire societies: ethnocultural context
Moderator: Oxana G. Haritonova

Section №12. Post-empires in the post-revolutionary epoque: comparative dimensions (special section of the Russian political science association (RPSA))
Moderator: Oxana V. Gaman-Golutvina

Section №13. Post-Soviet period and new government principles in modern Russia
Moderators: Sergey Kamolov, Mikhail Mastushkin

Block 3. World economy and international economic relations

Section №1. Dialectics of development of world and regional economy: economic and non-economic factors
Moderators: Alexander Bulatov; Anton Oleinov
Contacts: (please put «RISA – Dialectics of development of world and regional economy: economic and non-economic factors» in the subject of the letter)

Section №2. Dialectics of development of national economy: economic and non-economic factors
Moderators: Natalya Galishcheva, Nigyar Masumova
Contacts: (please put «RISA – Dialectics of development of national economy: economic and non-economic factors» in the subject of the letter)

Section №3. International migration in the era of globalization: theory and practice
Moderator: Dmitry Ivanov

Section №4. Russia in the world energy industry in the 20th-21st centuries
Moderator: Valery Salygin
Contacts:, tel.: +7 (495) 434-92-27

Section №5. Sustainable development and economic growth in the context of global instability
Moderator: Irina Platonova

Section №6. Ecological agenda of world development: evolution, current state and prospects
Moderator: Ruslan Aliev
Contacts: (please cope to:

Section №7.International business in the XXI century: challenges and prospects
Moderator: Natalia Konina
Contacts: (please put «RISA – International business in the XXI century: challenges and prospects» in the subject of the letter)

Section №8. International cooperation in the development of the system of economic information: historical continuity and current tasks
Moderator: Yulia Potanina

Section №9. International finances in the period of transformations
Moderators: Vladimir Milovidov, Vasily Tkachev

Section №10. Theoretical and practical problems of structural and digital transformations in economy
Moderators: Mikhail I. Stolbov, Elena A. Brendeleva

Block 4. Diplomacy, integration and conflicts

Section №1. International conflicts and change of political regimes
Moderator: Alexander Nikitin (in cooperation with Russian Pugwash Committee under the Presidium of the RAS)
Contacts: (please copy to:,

Section №2. Public diplomacy in the context of conflicts and crises
Moderators: Marina Lebedeva; Alexander Konkov (International think tank “Rethinking Russia”)

Section №3. Transformationof armed conflicts in the Middle East
Moderators: Vladimir Morozov; Irina Zvyagelskaya (Institute of Oriental Studies of RAS)

Section №4. Lobbying in the US foreign policy: ethnical and confessional interest groups and external influence
Moderator: Andrey Sushentsov

Section №5. Stable Balkans: a dream of generations
Moderator: Ekaterina Entina (Higher School of Economics, Institute of Europe of RAS)

Section №6. The role of diplomacy in resolving conflicts in modern times
Moderator: Olga Lebedeva

Section №7. The role of public diplomacy in the formation of national image (special section of the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund)
Moderator: Anna Velikaya

Section №8. Eurasian Union:from an integrational alternative to the status of a civilizational perspective
Moderators: Kirill Koktysh, Yaroslav Lisovolik

Section №9. Sports diplomacy:heritage and contemporary challenges
Moderator: Elena Ponomareva

Section №10. Asymmetrical conflicts:new approaches to research
Moderators: Yulia Nikitina, Nikolay Silaev

Section №11. Public diplomacy in Eurasian region
Moderator: Elena M. Kuzmina (Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations together with Saint Petersburg University and Saratov State University)
Contacts: (Marina Lapenko); (Maria Lagutina)

Round table «Transregionalism and models of regional integration»
Moderator: Alexey Voskresensky; in cooperation with Hungary"s National University of Public Service (Ekaterina Koldunova; please put «RISA – Transregionalism and models of regional integration» in the subject of the letter)

Block №5. Ad disputandum

Section №1. Modern technologies: challenges or opportunities for world politics?
Moderator: Mikhail Rykhtik (Lobachevsky University)

Section №2. Legal aspect of the international relations: from “soft power” / “normative power” to the category of stress resilience
Moderator: Tatiana Romanova (St. Petersburg University)

Section №3. The Trump phenomenon and systemic crisis of American politics
Moderator: Andrei Korobkov (Middle Tennessee State University)

Section №4. Methods of reserach of global governance (special section of the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC))
Moderator: Timur Mahmutov

Section №5. Basic areas of development of international lobbism and GR-technologies in the early XXI century
Moderators: Andrey Degtyaryov, Oleg Rumyantsev

Round table «Will “soft power” be removed from the international agenda?»
Moderator: Pavel Parshin

Round table «Science and education: strategies of cooperation in cultural and civilizational development»
Moderator: Anatoly Belogurov